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Font Ligatures are coming to PyScripter

 The forthcoming version of PyScripter will feature: support for Python 3.9 support for VirtualEnv v20+ support for font ligatures I am quite excited about font ligatures.  Fonts like Cascadia Code and Fira Code contain ligature´╗┐s relevant to programming. See this article for detail´╗┐s.   Here…

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PyScripter 3.6.2 released

PyScripter 3.6.2 is now available at Sourceforge.   Here is the list of changes: New features: Improved compatibility with venv virtual environments Restore code folding state when you start PyScripter (#973) Syntax for adding and removing…

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PyScripter 3.6.1 released

PyScripter 3.6.1 is now available at Sourceforge.  The main new features are support for Python 3.8 (currently in beta) and better compatibility with Anaconda distributions.   Here is the full list of changes: New features:…

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PyScripter and Anaconda

In the past I have used successfully  PyScripter with Miniconda distributions, but since there have been a few issues reported regarding the compatibility of PyScripter with Anaconda distributions, I decided to investigate.   I downloaded…

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