Turbocharge your Python development with the latest release of PyScripter!


DPI awareness

The new version of PyScripter is DPI Aware.  This means that by default on high DPI screens PyScripter will do its own scaling and will not rely on the scaling carried out by the operating system (Windows).  Users with high DPI screens will see a considerable improvement in the way texts rendered and blurry text will no longer be an issue.  Other users will monitors having the common 96 pixels per inch resolution, should not observe any noticeable difference.

If however you want to go back and rely on scaling carried out by Windows, you can do that if you are using Windows 10 and have the Creators Update installed.  Find the executable file of PyScripter under Program Files, right click and select Properties.  In the Compatibility tab check “Override high DPI scaling behaviour” and in the dropdown box select System (Enhanced) as shown below.


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