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New Feature: Run and Debug files on remote Windows and Linux machines using SSH

As hinted, the forthcoming version 3.5 of PyScripter will allow you to run and debug scripts on remote Windows and Linux SSH servers.  It introduces a new type of engine called “SSH engine”,   which runs a python interpreter in a remote Windows or Linux computer or inside a virtual machine.  You first need to define one or more SSH servers as explained here .  This post also describes the requirements for using SSH with PyScripter.  Once you choose this type of engine you need to select a defined SSH server. PyScripter starts a python engine on the remote server using SSH and communicates with it using rpyc.  You can then run and debug remote or local scripts on the SSH server as if the scripts were running locally.  You can also use python running inside the SSH server with the Python Interactive Interpreter. While debugging, tracing into remote modules works transparently for the user.  If you are running python 2.x locally the remote version also needs to be 2.x and similarly if you run python version 3.x locally the remote version needs to be 3.x.  Beyond this constraint, the local and remote versions do not need to be the same.

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