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PyScripter 4.0.0 is coming

 A new release of PyScripter is close.  Notice the pumped up version number.   This is due to the extensive nature of the changes implemented.   The visible changes are in relation to the User Interface.

New logo:

New material icons with a touch of color:

But the most important changes are the ones which are not visible.  The whole interaction with Python, and code completion infrastructure were re-architectured in order to move as much work as possible to threads and keep the GUI thread free of delays and blockages.  This will hopefully result in a better user experience and will also allow extra functionality to be added, without slowing down the program.

Seeking feedback from early adopters

Given the considerable changes in the code base, I would like to get volunteers to try the new version before it is released to the public.  In particular I am seeking feedback regarding:

  • the overall stability of the program
  • the new user interface

You can download a registry-free installation from this link.  Just unzip the file and run PyScripter.exe.  It will not interfere with installed versions of PyScripter.  Please report issues at the issue tracker and provide feedback at the support forum.

Python 2

I should add that support for Python 2 has been dropped.  This was a hard decision to make and I know some users will be disappointed.   However this has simplified the task of maintaining and further developing PyScripter.  You can still use the older versions of PyScripter for your Python 2 work side-by-side with the new version.


I would like to thank Embarcadero for providing support to the project and Adriana Díaz (Aumenta Software) who designed the new user interface.

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