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PyScripter v2.4.3 released

PyScripter version 2.4.3 was released at http://pyscripter.googlecode.com.  The main focus of this release was code completion (make sure you read about the improvements in earlier posts at the PyScripter Blog), but there were numerous bug fixes and other improvements.

New Features:

  • 100% portable by placing PyScripter.ini in the PyScripter exe directory 
  • Ctrl+Mousewheel for zooming the interpreter ( Issue 475
  • Show docstrings during completion list ( Issue 274
  • New IDE Option “File Change Notification” introduced with possible values Full, NoMappedDrives?(default), Disabled ( Issue 470
  • Background color for Matching and Unbalanced braces ( Issue 472 )
  • New IDE option “Case Sensitive Code Completion” (default True) 
  • New IDE option “Complete Python keywords” (default True) 
  • New IDE option “Complete as you type” (default True, Issue 473
  • New IDE option “Complete with word-break chars” (default True) 
  • New IDE option “Auto-complete with one entry” (default True, Issue 452 )

    Issues Addressed:

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