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PyScripter v3.6 released

Happy New Year!

PyScripter 3.6.0 is now available at Sourceforge.  There is a range of important new features and bug fixes in this release:

New features:

  • Much faster Remote Engine using asynchronous Windows named pipes if pywin32 is available.
  • IDE option to force the use of sockets for connection to the Python server now defaults to False.
  • Enhancements to the SSH Engine – now compatible with PuTTY.
  • Execute system commands in the interpreter with !. Supports parameter substitution.
  • Clickable status panels with Python version and engine type.
  • Text drag & drop between PyScripter and other applications #554
  • Triple-click selects line and Quadraple-click selects all
  • Double-click drag selects whole words – triple-click drag selects whole lines
  • Consistent syntax color themes accross supported languages #855
  • New IDE option “Trim trailing spaces when saving files” #667
  • New IDE Option ‘Step into open files only’. Defaults to False. #510 

Issues addressed:

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