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Revamped Code Explorer

One of the areas that received significant attention is the Code Explorer.   First of all, functions are now displayed with their arguments.  If you look at the context menu of the Code Explorer background you will see the following options:


Here is the explanation of the new options:

Alpha Sort
If checked, tree nodes are sorted alphabetically, otherwise the node order follows the position of the identifiers in the code.

Follow Editor
If checked, as you move the cursor in the editor the class, method or function that contains the cursor gets selected in the Code Explorer.

Show Selection
If checked, when you select a node by mouse or keyboard, the position of the identifier in the code is shown without moving the focus to the editor.  This option is very useful for browsing code.
If you right-click on a node a different context menu is displayed:
The Find Definition works the same as double-clicking on an identifier.  Focus is moved to the editor at the position of the identifier.  An improvement is that now the identifier is selected.  The Find References commands work like the equivalent command on the Search menu, but on the selected identifier.  The Highlight command, highlights all occurrences of the identifier in the editor, like the Highlight Search Text command.
Another important improvement is that Code Explorer saves and restores the state of the tree as you switch files.
Hope you like these improvements.

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